David McDuff: Nordic Translations



from Finland-Swedish and Swedish


Edith Södergran: Complete Poems (Bloodaxe Books, UK)
Ice Around Our Lips - 10 Finland-Swedish Poets
Bo Carpelan: Axel (Carcanet Press, UK)
 Forsström: Snow Leopard (Bloodaxe)

Tua Forsström: I Studied Once At A Wonderful Faculty (Bloodaxe) [with S. Katchadourian]

Tua Forsström: One Evening in October I Rowed Out on the Lake (Bloodaxe

Gösta Ågren: A Valley In The Midst of Violence (Bloodaxe) (awarded TLS/George Bernard Shaw Translation Prize, 1994)

Gösta Ågren: Standing Here (ebook), The Cities (ebook), Coming Here (ebook)
Bo Carpelan: Homecoming (Carcanet)
Karin Boye: Complete Poems (Bloodaxe)
 Tuominen: Selected Writings (Bloodaxe)
Bo CarpelanUrwind (Carcanet)

Bo CarpelanThe Year's Circle (Marjukka Vainio)

Tove Jansson: The Moomins And The Great Flood (Schildts)

Tove Jansson: The Moomins And The Great Flood (Sortof Books, UK)

Various authors: Dolce far niente in Arabia [G.A. Wallin and His Travels in the 1840s] (Museum Tusculanum Press/Society of Swedish Literature in Finland)


 from Finnish


Marianne Aav (ed.) Marimekko - Fabrics, Fashion, Architecture (Yale University Press)

Anni Sumari (ed.) How To Address the Fog (Carcanet, UK) - with Donald Adamson and Robin Fulton

Rosa Liksom Dark Paradise (Dalkey Archive Press, USA)

Tuomas KyröThe Beggar and the Hare (Short Books)

Tuula Karjalainen: Tove Jansson: Work and Love (Particular Books)


from Norwegian


Contemporary Norwegian Prose Writers (Oslo University Press, Norway)
Gunnar Staalesen: At Night All Wolves Are Grey (Quartet, UK)
 Kjetsaa: Fyodor Dostoyevsky - A Writer's Life (Viking USA and Macmillan UK) - translated with Siri Hustvedt
 Lønn: Tom Reber's Last Retreat (Marion Boyars)


from Icelandic


Ólafur Gunnarsson: Gaga (Penumbra Press, Toronto, Canada)
Trolls’ Cathedral (Shad Thames Books/Mare's Nest, UK)

Million-Percent Men (FORLAGIÐ JPV útgáfa, Iceland)

Brushstrokes of Blue [with Bernard Scudder]: The Young Poets of Iceland, anthology, ed. P. Valsson (Shad Thames Books/Greyhound Press, UK)
 Kárason: Devil's Island (Canongate, UK) 
Bjarni BjarnasonThe Return of the Divine Mary (Red Hand Books, UK)

Bjarni BjarnasonThe Reputation (Red Hand Books, UK)

from Danish


Pia TafdrupQueen's Gate (Bloodaxe Books, UK)

Pia Tafdrup: Tarkovsky’s Horses and Other Poems (Bloodaxe Books, UK)

Pia TafdrupSalamander Sun (Bloodaxe)